I Want Candy

SavvyMom February 16, 2017

Sometimes it’s nice to be a little different. So sweeten up your treat selection this Halloween with specialty candies from our fave candy shops around town. They might even have hidden delights like sugar-free, gluten-free and guilt-free candies as well.

Sugar & Co.
Sugar & Co, which used to be located in Ambleside in West Van and is now in Lynn Valley, just might have the best homemade taffy and caramels in the city. The owners also make smash cakes, which are a great alternative for birthday parties, especially if your child likes sweets better than cake.

Frankie’s Candy Bar
Frankie’s Candy Bar in Kerrisdale has been a neighbourhood fave for many years. They’re now online only, but will be opening another storefront soon, so stay tuned for the deets on the new location.

We’re always sweet on a good speciality candy resource.

Isn’t life sweet? Snack on all 5 of our Speciality Candy Shops in Vancouver.


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