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Juice bars may just be the new coffee bar, and we’re fine with that. What better way to achievie your lofty fruit and veggie daily intake than downing a few servings in one gulp? The multi-taskers in us heartily approve of the latest fad on the block, and Vancouver has no shortage of juice bars to explore.

In Kits, head to Krocodilepear for a hit of juicy goodness. They believe you truly are what you eat, and the modern, all-white decor is as good for your soul as their juice is good for your body.

Located in the heart of Mount Pleasant, Radicle Juice offers a tasty juice menu—we love Hey Girl, a blend of carrot, orange, lime and ginger (and it’s fun to order). Buy one of their glass tumblers for your hipster image.

This little red truck is definitely worth stopping for. The Juice Truck is the healthiest food truck in Gastown, and will also deliver juice cleanses to your door if you feel the need to detoxify after a wine-filled summer. Just saying.

The Anchor is now open in West Vancouver and shares space with Bean Around the World at 15th and Marine Dr. While you’re there, pick up their homemade granola—you won’t be sorry.

Coffee will always have a special place in our hearts. But adding cold-pressed juice to our diets is the perfect way of hydrating and receiving a hit of vitality at the same time.

Everything in moderation, we say.

Drink your veggies! See all 4 of our Fresh Juice Bars in Vancouver.


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