Vancouver: The Savvy Guide to January

SavvyMom April 8, 2016

There is a lot ahead of you in 2012. So start by making the most of the first cold and blistery month. We think it’€™s going to be a good one.
Be fair to yourself when you make New Year’€™s resolutions and don’€™t load up on too many promises’€”just pick one good one and stick to it
Why? Because you’€™re doing a good job already and you don’€™t need to add a lot more to your already-full plate.

Skiing, skating or sledding
Why? Just because old man winter has settled in for a few months, doesn’€™t mean you have to settle inside. Get yourself and the kids out for some much-needed winter fun and fresh air.

An exercise routine, and actually follow through
Why? Because it’€™s on everyone’€™s list for the New Year, so find a class, download a routine to your iPad or hire a trainer and get moving.

In the snow
Why? Because you can make some really fun and simple creations with a big wow factor that your kids will love.

Donate warm clothing to a local charity
Why? The cold months are hard for many people, and your old gloves, scarves and other warm items that have been replaced with new ones over the holidays can warm up those individuals who need them.

Why? Because it’€™s an amazing tracker of calories, exercise, and water consumption.

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