100 Miles From Here

There's nothing that says Thanksgiving more than the bounty of a farmers' market, and here in Ottawa, many fruits and veggies are in their peak season in October. Stop by the Carp Farmers' Market for music and fun on Saturday. Visit the Main Farmers' Market for face painting and children's crafts. Or, pick up fantastic local produce for Thanksgiving dinner at the Ottawa Farmers' Market.
Farmers' Markets

What’s the latest on the green cuisine scene? A diet on which you count miles, not calories. And not the miles you log on a treadmill, mind you, but the number of miles an ingredient travels before it hits your plate.
The 100-Mile Diet is the brainchild of Vancouverites Alisa Smith and James MacKinnon, who spent a year eating only food grown within 100 miles of their home. (Learn more about their adventure at thetyee.ca). Along the way, they gave a huge boost to local food movements all over the world.

There are many tangible reasons to support local agriculture, from farmland preservation to the ability to choose foods that are low or no-spray and still at their peak, nutritionally. But the intangible benefits that come from meeting the man who grew your apples, picking your own strawberries with the kids, and sampling a heritage tomato at a farmer’s market are just as important.


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