Creating Culinary Whiz Kids

SavvyMom April 8, 2016

Tiny, well-trained hands can be a big help when it comes to getting tasty dinners on the table and yummy snacks in the backpacks.
Savvy mom of three, Karen Kero couldn’t agree more. She runs the popular KidCooks program out of a brightly lit church kitchen in North Vancouver.

Her Little Whiskers group (ages four to six) scrambles in after school and munches on a popcorn snack while discussing that night’s menu.

Then it’s time to tie on aprons and wash hands. Perching on stools, the kids laugh and chat while they chop and mix for some easy and nutritious recipes like granola bars, French toast and fruit kebobs.

They learn about kitchen safety, basic nutrition and get to try new foods thanks to Karen’s ‘just one bite’ rule. The ‘Dinner Dynamos’ (ages seven to nine) tackle more challenging recipes during their two-hour class.

At KidCooks, they’ll love learning and eating at the same time, and we love that when you pick them up at 6 pm, they’re already fed!

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