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It’s come to my attention recently that there is a family in the SavvyMom HQ neighbourhood who needs help. The beautiful part of the story thus far is watching the groundswell of support from family, friends and a very supportive extended community. The sad part is that so far, it’s not enough.
Cathy Anagnostopoulos, a young mother of three children, was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML) in late February. After months of undergoing intense chemotherapy, Cathy has learned that her only hope for survival now is a stem cell transplant. Tragically, doctors cannot find a donor for Cathy right now but there is still hope.

What Cathy needs is someone with the right stem cell match who is willing to donate some stem cells to save her life. Her friends and family are reaching out to the community, asking them to get tested at various ‘swabbing events’ being held throughout the city. Swabbing events require the individual to provide some basic personal information and a few swabs from the inside of their cheek. That’s all they need to find a match.

According to One Match Stem Cell and Bone Marrow Network, over 800 Canadians and tens of thousands worldwide are in need of a bone marrow/stem cell transplant to overcome diseases like leukemia, lymphoma, ovarian & testicular cancer, anaemia and dozens of other serious diseases. It’s estimated that 25% of these patients are children. Without a transplant these people will die.

By attending a swabbing event, you are putting your name on a database managed by Canadian Blood Services that can be accessed by doctors of other patients just like Cathy, looking for a perfect match. It’s not every day you get the chance to save someone’s life. This is a simple way to put your hand up and act.

It’s not fair to Cathy and her family. Our hearts go out to them as we hope for their perfect match.

For more information on Cathy’s story go to

To find a swabbing event in your community click here, or order the kit online at

UPDATE: Sarah and I just returned from the first swabbing event at Northlea School. Lots of beautiful shots of Cathy on display and all her friends and family were volunteering time to help. Very heartwarming to see and the line ups weren’t too long. All we did was fill out a short form then take a few swabs from our cheeks. A very easy way to help.


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