Dinner with a Side of Crayons


Once in a while even a SavvyMom doesn’€™t feel like cooking. Sometimes she doesn’€™t want take-out either.
She wants to keep the kitchen clean and drink a glass of Pinot Grigio without having to open the bottle herself. And unless she has a stable full of babysitters on speed dial, in these situations you need to know where to go with the kids in tow.

If you’€™ve already tried the SavvyMom recommended kid-friendly restos, pizza parlours and other eateries, then be sure to scope out some of these favourite places to help Mom avoid a meltdown.

Habit Lounge, the hip joint on Main Street, has embraced the fact that their loyal clientele started having kids and bringing them to dinner. Parents and their kids rave about their menu for the 10 and under set’€”$5.95 for a main and one side. They only use aged white cheddar in their grilled cheese sandwiches and buttered pasta, and how good does the tuna casserole made with seared albacore tuna and shaved parmesan sound? Future foodies are welcome here.


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