Don’t Sweat the Wet


We Vancouverites love our coastal rainforest. The forest, that is. The rain part, not so much.
But SavvyMoms know how to keep temperaments sunny, even when the weather isn’t. Here are a few tips that will help rainy days rock:

Gear Up
Give the darkest days a cheerful splash—and keep everyone safe—by investing in some bright raingear. Don’t forget that moms can benefit from some colour therapy, too. If you’ve got a hankering for pink rubber cowboy boots, ladies, take yourselves off to Gumdrops, a recently launched family rainwear store in Kits. You’ll find rainsuits for kids, umbrellas and even wet-weather gear for Fido. Puddles will be powerless against bright red ladybug boots or lemon yellow wellies.

Get Out

  • Watch a roaring river (from a safe distance) and remind the kids that B.C. gets its electricity from harnessing the power of water (click here for a quick refresher on hydroelectricity, courtesy of BC Hydro!)
  • Get down and dirty. Get on the rain gear, haul out the summer’s beach toys and head for the puddliest part of the garden to make mud pies. Create a rain garden; make a fairy pool ringed with the prettiest rocks you can find.
  • If the day’s all wet, maybe you should be, too. Meet up with friends at a leisure pool and spend the afternoon splish-splashing away. Two family favourites are Eileen Dailly Pool in Burnaby, and the West Vancouver Aquatic Centre, both of which have super water play areas for tiny tots.


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