Give Me Space


Kids build forts to keep the world at bay. So do moms—we just fancy them up and call them ‘retreats’. And SavvyMoms are using them to make gardens and patios just a bit more adult-friendly this summer.
Vancouver designer Liz Southam created a summer sanctuary in her own yard this year—(something to take her away from the renovations she is living with inside her house). Her contractor has made a big bench that she’ll be covering with a large flat cushion made from a durable outdoor fabric like Sunbrella. Topped with some throw pillows, it will be placed at the back of the yard so that she can sit with a glass of wine/lemonade/iced green tea and a book—doesn’t that sound rather heavenly? She also loves hurricane lanterns this season—they create a more relaxing atmosphere for the outdoors and they can be picked up for a small investment at many of the big box stores. (We like the PC lanterns for $20.)

Liz’s favourite store for outdoor décor is Target—she found fabulous colourful dishes, cushions and furniture there—but if you don’t want the cross-border shopping hassles, her local fave is the Superstore, who have really nailed it with their ever-growing and ever-getting better PC Home Collection. This year North Vancouver textile artist Janine Blair has turned some of her mom entrepreneur proceeds into an oasis for herself and her five kids. A newly-built gorgeous wood deck now sits under the trees in a formerly under-utilized corner of her backyard. Tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the household, it naturally lends itself to evenings spent talking late into the night with family and friends.


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