Home, Sweat Home


We’ve heard all the excuses. In fact, we’ve made all the excuses: We’d love to get in shape except that we’re too busy. Or too tired. Too tied down. Too whatever. If self-justification was an Olympic sport, we’d be well on our way to 2010.
Fitness on the Go understands that getting in shape can be an obstacle course that’s hard to navigate—especially for parents who have their hands full with domestic demands. So the company has more than 50 Lower Mainland trainers who can help you scale every hurdle you encounter.

For a price comparable to or even cheaper than most gym-based trainers, Fitness on the Go coaches come to your home and create a routine that works for you. They will bring all the equipment you need, or use what you have on hand. They’ll find out what your favourite activities are, and combine them with other exercises that will see you achieve safe, realistic goals that make sense for you. All they ask is a 6’ x 6’ floor space and a commitment that can be as low as one session per month—though manager Zach Nichols says he usually recommends clients start with a three times/week, three-month term so they can get established in their routine and soon see good results.


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