Handy Dandy


Our lives have become one big to-do list. We set out each day armed with indelible markers so nothing can erase that check mark once the ‘DO’ is crossed off. The grocery list, the camp list, the birthday gift list, the pay-the-bills list. But the one list that keeps growing is the ‘what needs to be fixed around the house’ list.
Here is your ‘to-do’ to tackle that one:
Walk into every room in your house (you can do this mentally too) and write down what you would fix if you could (don’t forget the basement and garage). Then call one of our two tried and tested handy persons to help cross off each item on your list.

Jane Lindsay runs a business called Jobs by Jane and she can do just about anything from hanging pictures to small renovations. Just because Jane is one of us (female, that is) doesn’t mean she can’t use a power tool. Oh no. With a background in hospitality and finance, Jane has skills that not all contractors have: a customer service focus and the ability to run a business smoothly. She is organized and accountable and helped us get our new offices into shape by hanging things, fixing things and just generally making sure everything worked. Jane charges $40/hr and you’ll want to book her ahead of time as she is in fairly high demand.


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