Peace Daddy


Dads are notoriously tough to buy for.
Retailers will tell you Dads want a tie, cufflinks, personalized golf balls, a martini shaker, or the latest electronic car starter/leaf blower/TV remote control thingamajig.

But we looked into it a bit and learned that Dad’s aren’t that different from us. What they want the most? A little bit of peace.

To achieve this, we recommend giving him some time to himself, followed by a little quality time with his family (read: no fighting and/or whining allowed).

So forget the dash to the mall. Here is some inspiration for planning your beloved’s big day:

Home and Away Sports Day
Call up a few of the guys and book up a golf foursome, an afternoon out to the baseball game or any other sporting event of his choice. After he sleeps in and enjoys a hearty breakfast, send him off. When the king of the castle gets home, present him with a family dinner of his fave meal (that the kids helped with) and a fun dessert to celebrate. The children will be briefed (of course) on how important it is for them to be peaceful (cake is an acceptable bribe in this situation). Then get the kids to bed early and enjoy an after-dinner glass of wine/cup of tea and remember that ‘his’ day only lasts a few more hours while you are cleaning up the dinner dishes.


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