Tripping to Wakefield


How will your children ever have a sense of adventure if you don’t take them out on excursions every once in a while? For those days when going to the local park seems about as exciting as taking out the recycling, we have just the place to visit. It’s a small town called Wakefield, an easy 45 minute drive from downtown Ottawa and filled with pretty scenery, a relaxed atmosphere and plenty of shops and cafes.
The famous Wakefield steam train is temporarily out of commission (although we admit, our kids would have been happy enough just playing on the tracks) but there are plenty of other reasons to visit:

  • Jamboree – an amazing gift shop that is brimming with things to make your home and garden beautiful: bird feeders, candle holders, honey keepers, door knobs, soaps…and that’s just skimming the surface. Wakefield has a large artistic and craft community, so some of the items in the shops are locally made.
  • The Millionaire Bars at the Wakefield Boulangerie: three layers of heaven. Imagine if you will, a rich shortbread crust thickly blanketed with caramel and chocolate on the top. One slice easily served two although we’re not convinced that everyone will want to share next time. (We don’t believe the term “millionaire bar” comes from the number of calories contained in each one. Really, we don’t.)


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