No-Scare Hair


Mom shopaholics, rejoice! You now have another excuse for visiting one of our favourite hot spots in all of Kitsilano. The first Melonhead in Western Canada has just opened its doors at 2962 West Broadway, rubbing shoulders with a host of other family-friendly shops. This children’s hair salon—owned by mom Melanie Hafez—will have your kids clamouring for a cut.
Where else, after all, could they get their hair done while they pilot a plane? Or ride the rails, or prance on a pony? It’s a sensory extravaganza with bright colours, treats and just enough to distract from the task at hand (or keep Jack sitting down for long enough to get the job done).There’s plenty to keep waiting siblings amused, too: books, toys, TVs and games will help make the time fly.

Cuts are $20, with ‘party hair’ (think Christmas soirees or flower girl gigs) styled for $35. You can also pick up a variety of hair accessories, along with the Melonhead line of Canadian-made hair products such as Fuzzy Wuzzn’t Detangler and Anti-Gravity Hair Goo sculpting gel.

We love the Baby’s First Haircut certificate they provide with a small sample of that baby fine hair wrapped up and a photo to commemorate the occasion.


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