Shear Delight


The secret to a stress-free holiday season is this—get stuff done sooner than later. This applies to many things: cards, holiday baking, shopping, decorating, and even kids’ haircuts.
You read it right. Banish split ends and trim Cousin Itt bangs (you remember the charming Addams Family) before the holiday rush and save yourself some stress the day before you have to get them looking spiffy.

If this is the first time for a haircut, be prepared that Jill might be a bit frightened and Jack could have trouble sitting still with scissors pointing toward his head so a bit of prep might help:

  • Bring your child in for a quick tour the day before or arrange to meet the hairdresser
  • Talk to them about what to expect and assure them it will be fun
  • Bring snacks! Bribery is okay (lollipops are better as a reward after the cut so they don’t get covered in hair)
  • Know what you want and be specific with the hairdresser


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