Rainy Day Play


Got a case of the mid-winter, rainy day blues? So do we—and so do our kids. So to kick things up a notch and get our booties into gear, we turned to imaginative ideas for playing games, telling stories, singing and dancing that are guaranteed to beat even the worst case of ‘Mommy, I’m bored’. And we can thank our local talent for both.
Spark Story Starters are the ingenious invention of Tamara Vukusic, writer, journalist and Kamloops-based mom to two young boys. They do exactly what the title suggests, they spark stories—in real time—face-to-face. It’s truly as simple as a deck of cards with questions on them. Anyone can ask, anyone can answer. We think it’s a refreshing invention for families in this day and age where screen time, down time, work time or face time competes with family time. Tamara launched these great scenario-based story starters in early December, and the kits have been flying off the shelves ever since. Spark Story Starters are based on the belief that kids need games that expand their imaginations rather than limiting them.

The kit ($11.99) includes 50 open-ended questions, intended for children aged four and older. There are no pop-culture questions, and most importantly, there are no wrong answers, so kids of all ages truly like and enjoy this game. And since the cards are small enough to fit in a purse, they are great for fending off boredom in any situation (read: the car, dinner table or waiting room). Spark Story Starters are also available at the Apps Store (search word: spark).
Good to know: Spark Story Starters are offering free shipping through February 24.


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