Think Mink for Mom


We love the handprint cards. And we love the instant coffee that’s carefully delivered to our bedside on the second Sunday of May—so what if it’s made with lukewarm tap-water? Half the fun of Mother’s Day, after all, is waiting to see what children and our beloved dream up on our behalf. (“Honey, we could go check out that car show after you’ve done the dishes, if you like….”)
Sometimes it all goes so swimmingly. Other times, it just doesn’t come together—especially if you’re running from one grandma’s house to another to pay Mother’s Day tributes of your own! So if you wake up on Monday morning feeling you haven’t really had the chance to indulge yourself, have we got an outing for you.

Phone up the girlfriends, pack up the kids and head to Mink Chocolate Café, which fronts onto a lovely city green space on West Hastings at the foot of Hornby Street. Here, owner and new dad Marc Lieberman has created a bright, chocolate shop/cafe where he crafts his handmade chocolates and serves up sweet delicacies and coffee drinks on the side. Mom-friendly to the max, it offers lots of room for strollers and a safe outdoor green space for the younger set to play in. (Open just a year, it’s already been the venue for more than a few baby showers!)


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