It’s Time to Share


If ‘sharing is caring’, then we care a lot (but you already know that). In fact, we care so much that we are launching a new site today just so you can share too and it’s aptly named—where SavvyMoms share.
The fact is that most moms care about helping each other and they do that best by sharing their wisdom. At, we work hard to send you practical solutions every week but we know that you have some great suggestions too (we do read the 1000s of emails you send us). So we acted on your recommendations and decided to launch a new place for you to post them. On, you can share your savvy (that practical know-how every mom has like where to buy a nut and dairy free Diego birthday cake), you can ask questions on our Help Wanted section (like where to find a good Celtic dance instructor), and you can help by answering those questions posted by other moms.

And what better time to introduce our SavvyMom community to than during the month of May, the month dedicated to moms. Consider this as our gift to you: a place where you can share your collective wisdom as moms and help each other, because helping is what moms do best.


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