Vancouver: The Savvy Guide to December


This month, we’re thankful for the joys of the season and we’re looking for ways to give gifts that keep on giving and to help our children appreciate the other side of the holidays (the giving side, that is, not the getting side). Here are a few ways to help you get started, with this month’s charitable-themed guide to December:

One (or more) of Lily’s adorable and artistic bookmarks.
Why? Because if a four year old is working hard to raise money for Children’s Wish Foundation the least we can do is support her, don’t you think?

To the Pan Pacific Hotel on December 3 with an uwrapped new toy and don’t be shy about bringing your kids.
Why? Because they are serving free breakfast, but most of all it’s not a bad thing for your kids to know that not everyone gets lots of toys at Christmas.

Contribute to the SavvyMom Holiday Crib Campaign and help SickKids replace its aging crib mattresses. We’re 30% of the way towards our goal of raising $20,000. And thank you to the over 120 Savvymoms who have given so far!
Why? Because every child deserves to rest easy, especially if they are staying in the hospital over the holidays.


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