Get Going


They say that when the going gets tough, the tough gets going, but with kids in tow that ‘going’ can get even tougher. So if you are traveling avec enfants this holiday season, we have a handy list of items that can make the trip to Granny’s a bit easier.

For the airplane, ditch the bulky car seat for the handy CARES airplane seatbelt. Once baby is one (and between 22 and 44 pounds), you can use CARES (Child Aviation Restraint System). It’s an FAA-approved safety harness that fits on any airline seat. We love that it weighs only one pound, so if you’re taking a car seat on your trip, check it with your bag and take CARES on board instead. (You have enough to carry getting on and off that plane what with the babe in arms, the stroller and your fab new mommy bag filled with all things essential after all.) While the excellent safety rating is a draw for many, the real bonus for parents is the convenience. (Available at for $85, rental for $25)

Pippalilly StrapIn the stroller, in the car, anywhere you’re on the go, things fall down (mostly toys and the lovely unmentionable ‘mouth plug’). The Pippalily Toy Strap erases the germ scare and more importantly the fear of losing Jack or Jill’s favourite toy. Just attach the strap to the special item on one end and hook the other end around the stroller, car seat or child’s wrist. (Available at $12.98)

SweetPea3Children of any age who like music (hello), will love the new SweetPea3, a digital MP3 music player for kids. The SweetPea3 is handy and useful for lots of reasons, the least of which is the fact that it can withstand your typical toddler treatment (dropping and banging come to mind?) without breaking into pieces—and you can’t say that about any other portable music devices. It’s a safe, headset free player that is portable and easily operated by little hands with just three buttons (comes preloaded with music too). Toddlers and school age kids can download songs and story books while babies can listen to lullabies to help them to sleep. It has a handle that clips onto stroller and car seats as well. (Available at, $69.95)


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