Vancouver: Your City, Your Savvy


Every once in a while we like to remind our readers about how things work around here—call it the SavvyMom 411. So while we know you were expecting your Thursday scoop of savviness today, please allow us to give you the goods on SavvyMom Today, the Vancouver edition. Just to be clear.
What’s the Vancouver edition all about?
We’re here to put the Van-groover back in Vancouver for all you moms who want your child-rearing years to be full of good things. But Vancouver’s a big, busy place so we’ve got a team on the ground working hard to point you to the best family outings, the best shops and services for moms and kids, and the greenest lifestyle choices. We find the tips that you’ll want to pass on to your girlfriends, and the domestic solutions that will impress your mom, and deliver them to you every Thursday morning in SavvyMom Today.

Where else is SavvyMom?
We’ve got teams on the ground in Toronto, Ottawa and Calgary so we can deliver the savvy scoop there too. And our Tuesday National edition covers savvy solutions for moms everywhere. Want to get savvy on what’s happening in another city? Maybe you’re moving? You can add and change your city subscriptions by clicking on the Manage Subscription link at the bottom of every newsletter

How do you decide what to write about?
We only write about the things we love, and what we find to be useful as moms. All of the products and services featured on SavvyMom Today have been tried and tested by the SavvyMom team, sometimes with help from our readers too.


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