Watch the Time


You say: Bedtime is in 10 minutes.
They say: How long is that?

You say: Grandma will be here in 20 minutes
They say: How long is that? Is that a short time or a long time?

Unanswerable questions for kids, really. More difficult to explain than how babies are made, if you think of it.

Time is the commodity of our generation. Nobody seems to have enough of it and we are constantly trying to manage it. Try explaining the concept of elapsed time to your children —something that comes up many times a day—what with bedtime, dinner time, time to go to school, time to turn off the TV, time to start your homework, time to practice the piano, time to finish practicing the piano, time to tidy up…. So as parents we end up with the role of timekeeper and the associated battles that come with it, many of which take place simply because we can’t explain this most precious commodity to our baby Einsteins.

But since we’ve discovered a new secret weapon, the Time Timer, our battles have been significantly reduced. The Time Timer is a visual timer that provides the ability to judge how much time is left without having to know how to tell time. Repeat—without knowing how to tell time!


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