Victoria: The Savvy Guide to December


The Advent calendar is ready to go up, the outdoor lights need to be hung and the kids are planning a visit to the big man very soon. Dreidels are being dug out of drawers and festive menus planned. The season is officially here. Here’s our guide to making it through the month with superpowers still intact.
Plan something new and different with the kids over the holidays. Take in a show, enjoy some culture (museums and art galleries) or visit a part of your city that even you have never been to.
Why? Because a little adventure can go a long way for kids and adults.

Take in the holiday lights in and around Victoria’s Inner Harbour.
Why? Because our beautiful city becomes even more beautiful this time of year. The Legislature, the Empress Hotel and even the boats docked in the Inner Harbour are lit up, casting a magical glow on the entire area.

A babysitter.
Why? Because you should take a night off with your beloved—whether it’s a romantic date night or a festive fête, sitters are tough to find around the holidays so book ‘em early.

Your kids’ favourite music, and dance. Turn it into a game of freeze dance if you want, or just dance with your kids. To play freeze dance: play music, begin dancing and stop the music every minute or so. When silent, the dancers have to ‘freeze’—those who move are out.
Why? Because it’s more fun (and physically healthier) than watching other people dance on TV.

Why? You’ll find amazing and unique handmade, home-grown, and local products that can all be delivered straight to your door.


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