Victoria: The Savvy Guide to May


If April brings with it the promise of spring, then May’s popularity must come from its ability to deliver. A promise is a promise, but May is the real deal.
Here’s how to make sure you make the most of this cherished month. (And make sure to check out our new suggestion for a good ‘app for that’ each month.)

Plant some herbs in a pot somewhere outside and close to your kitchen (we like basil, mint, rosemary and dill).
Why? Because fresh herbs make any meal seem more gourmet (and it’s cheaper than buying them).

To the Moss Street Market on May 1, from 10 am–2 pm.
Why? Because it’s opening day and you’ll find organic produce, crafts, services, delicious food, live music, and enjoy all that the Market community has to offer.

Something nice (and shiny) for yourself, your mom or your MIL for Mother’s Day with customized bangles, baubles and beads.
Why? Because you can’t leave an important job like this to anyone else, and these mom entrepreneurs know all about good gift-giving!


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