More than Just a Card


Perhaps over the years you went to the effort to make one yourself. Then you started to buy them, pouring over all the funny and heartfelt messages in the aisle of your favourite stationery store. That was nice of you.
iTunes Gift CardNow that you’re a mom, you know that the Mother’s Day card is just not going to cut it. As both the giver and receiver of Mother’s day gifts, you now know to look for something a bit more tangible, something with value but that still provides choice and flexibility. Perhaps something that will fit inside one of those cards just perfectly, with elegance and style, of course.

Sears Gift CardAnd we have just the thing. It’s a bit thicker than a traditional card so it’s more substantial. You can trade it in for something you really love so it makes your money go further. And the best part is you don’t need to go far to find one—they are available at your closest Loblaws/Loblaw Great Food and Superstore grocery stores. If you haven’t guessed it by now, they are Gift of Choice gift cards and you can buy them for President’s Choice, Sears, iTunes, and more popular brands. It’s sort of like giving a shopping spree for Mother’s Day.

Let’s be honest, the greatest gift you can give (or get) for Mother’s Day is a little appreciation for all that moms do and a little extra time to do it. With that in mind, might we suggest a gift card that comes with a message saying ‘take some time for yourself and find something you love with this gift card.’

You might just want to forward this to someone who is looking for some inspiration (you know who he is).

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