Victoria: The Savvy Guide to June

June Guide in Victoria Vancouver Island

Moms know: June is no joke. This month is bursting with year-end projects, school assemblies, recitals, and report cards. Summer sports cross over with school extra-curriculars, meaning weeknights are now twice as busy (and we thought it wasn’t possible to be any busier). Keeping track of who needs to be where and when—not to mention actually getting them there—requires air traffic control-levels of planning and organizing. Summer is here but its lazy days most definitely aren’t. Here’s your guide to conquering June and making it through this crazy month like a boss.

Make a plan for Father’s Day right now
Why? Because the days between now and June 18 are going to disappear, fast. Before you’re left wondering where the time went, call the restaurant and make a reservation or sit down and make out your grocery list—we recommend serving one of these beer-themed recipes. Then, order the gift online, and sit the kids down now for a card-making session. 

To the Aboriginal Cultural Festival on June 16-18 from 11 am-6 pm outside the Royal BC Museum
Why? Because there will be music, food, and entertainment, and it’s a great way to introduce kids to the culture of the Esquimalt and Songhees First Nations. Over 25 performers will entertain from the main stage—be sure to catch three-time world champion hoop dancer Alex Wells perform. Browse arts in the Marketplace, and enjoy delicious eats in the outdoor dining area.

A stash of hostess, cottage, and year-end gifts to have at the ready
Why? Because future-you will be thanking present-you for your foresight when there are no last minute scrambles this month. If you like to thank your kiddos’ teacher with a year-end gift, shop our list most beloved teacher gifts, then cross that item off your to-do list. Next up? Add an extra bottle of wine or olive oil (makes a great gift!) to the grocery list and the next time you’re invited to a barbecue or weekend away, your hostess gift is sorted.

Sponge Bullseye
Why? Because all you need is some chalk and a sponge. Draw a large bullseye in chalk, assigning different point values to different sections of the bullseye. Load up a sponge with water and let the kids take turns tossing the sponge and tallying up the points. Kids of different ages can play together—just up the ante for older kids by having them start their throw from farther back.

25 Places in Canada Every Family Should Visit, by Jody Robbins
Why? Because this brand-new book can help you solidify your summer travel plans. Between our struggling dollar and uncertainties some may have about crossing the American border, there’s never been a better summer to travel in Canada. Plus, what an excellent way to celebrate #Canada150! Jody, a travel expert and very savvy Canadian mom, can recommend the best spots for family-friendly adventures.

Why? Because it makes feeding a hungry child as easy as the click of a button. This app is run by the United Nations World Food Programme, so you know it’s legit and that donations are reaching the neediest children. Just 50 cents can feed a child for a day.

Why? Because the beloved brand just launched an e-commerce site in Canada, meaning we can finally shop for the iconic sneaker online (and not despair when the local department store is sold out of a particular size or colour.) They’ve got men’s, women’s, and kid’s shoes, so you can outfit the whole family for summer.

Batch meals to get you through the bitter end of school lunch making
Why? Because your enthusiasm for putting together lunches has hit an all-time low. Make it easier, (and mindless) by making up a few things that can be stashed in the freezer or fridge and tossed into the lunch box through the week. Try freezer-friendly items like mini frittatas (easier than they sound), healthy muffins, or one of these other 7 school lunch foods that freeze well. Also, this chickpea salad is a hit with tweens, easy to make, and a big batch keeps all week. Now, pat yourself on the back for making it through ten long months of packing lunches.

Support the BC Cancer Foundation by attending the Victoria Dragon Boat Festival from August 18-20 in Victoria’s Inner Harbour
Why? The Dragon Boat Festival is a family-favourite every June, but did you know it’s all in support of cancer research? The paddlers are all raising money, and you can donate to your favourite team here. On race day, you can also purchase a Lights of Courage lantern—the proceeds from which help support the Immunotherapy Clinical Trials at the BC Cancer Agency.

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