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Teacher Gifts That Give Back

It’s tough to select teacher gifts. We know that teachers already have their fair share of mugs, candles, and water bottles. And who knows about dietary preferences, or a desire not to accumulate too many possessions, especially year-after-year? With that in mind, we’ve decided to donate the money that would have gone to teachers’ gifts to charities that represent something that teacher is passionate about. We’ll make a certificate, add a photo of our kiddo making the donation, whether online or in-person, and present it in a thank you card. We’re sure they’ll be touched that their impact will be felt beyond the classroom, especially for a cause they believe in!

Here are our favourite ideas for all of the people at school that make our kids’ experiences so great.

Ideas for Charitable Teacher Gifts

For the one who loves to read: Canadian Children’s Literacy Foundation

Maybe their teacher, principal, or custodian is a big fan of reading. Maybe the office staff can be seen with a book – or five – tucked in their bag. Many people who work in schools love reading, and the Canadian Children’s Literacy Foundation supports literacy programming and awareness building. With more than one million children in Canada estimated to have below grade-level reading skills, the need is great.

For the food bank supporter: Food Banks Canada

Does your kiddo come home talking about a canned good collection at school? Or maybe how the crossing guard or bus driver supports the food drive, or even volunteers their time at a local food bank? A charitable donation will help keep local food banks stocked to help those who need it most, including the 4.4 million people affected by food insecurity in the country.

For the math teacher: JUMP Math

Maybe it’s the math teacher, the teacher who organizes the math contest, or even the lead of the robotic club. We’re sure they’ll appreciate the support you give to this charity, a non-profit publisher that subsidizes the cost of developing engaging math resources for teachers and students, so they are affordable — even for the smallest education budget. This helps empower students with an understanding and appreciation of math across Canada and the world.

For the advocate for Indigenous education: Indspire

We are so pleased that our kids are learning a wealth of Indigenous history and culture, and it is thanks to committed educators who take the time to bring the subject matter to life. Show them how much it means by supporting this national Indigenous registered charity that invests in the education of First Nations, Inuit and Métis people. The support is aimed at the long-term benefit of these individuals, their families and communities, and Canada.

For the librarian and other bookworms: First Book Canada

Does your kiddo love the library? Let’s share that love via a donation to First Book Canada, because almost 25% of Canadian households don’t have a single book. We think books belong in homes and we’re sure the librarian agrees! This end-of-year donation will help change low literacy levels, which place children at a disadvantage that perpetuates poverty.

For the physical activity enthusiast: Jumpstart Canada

For the PhysEd teachers, coach, or DPA devotee, Jumpstart Canada is a wonderful organization that, quite simply, helps kids access sport and play. Jumpstart helps kids overcome financial and accessibility barriers to sport and recreation in an effort to provide inclusive play for kids of all abilities. Make a gift today in honour of your kids’ teachers to make sure all children can enjoy sports.

For the art teacher: Art for Aid

Maybe your little one loves to create. Perhaps art is their favourite subject, or they come home talking excitedly about crafts and painting. Some schools and kids don’t have access to art supplies. Art for Aid uses the proceeds from founder Colleen Gray’s sales of artwork to purchase and ship art supplies to remote Indigenous communities. Donations will help extend this impact!

For the nature and wildlife lover: Nature Canada

Maybe they love rambles in the forest. Perhaps they teach about wildlife and biodiversity. It could be that they’re animal lovers of all kinds, from bugs to belugas. Supporting Nature Canada allows the organization to continue to protect over 110 million acres of parks and wildlife areas in Canada and countless species.

For the breakfast believer: Breakfast Club Canada

Teachers and school workers don’t like the idea of kids going hungry – none of us do. School breakfast programs are a way to positively impact health and learning. Donating to Breakfast Club Canada means helping to ensure that all students have reliable access to nutritious food in a safe and supportive environment.


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