Warm ‘Em Up


When it comes to staying warm through a Canadian winter, it’s the details that matter.
That’s why we searched high and low to bring you the best gear we could find to keep your kids warm this year—and you can find them all in our 19 Ways to Warm ‘Em Up gallery. Each item has its own special feature that makes it the right choice to stay warm.

Take the Hanna Andersson Double Warm Monster Hat, for example. Little girls will love the style and design, while moms will love the quality and durability. What makes it a warm choice is that it’s going to be such a well-loved item that your daughter will want to wear it. Every day. (And fingers crossed she won’t lose it).
Mitt-Ons from Ottawa-based ONS GEAR are quite simply the best mitts on the market. They feature a long, detachable fleece sleeve which flows into a waterproof mitten, and adjustable straps to keep them tight around hands. Zippers and straps keep these mitts on while also providing options on how-to-wear. We strongly recommend buying more than one pair. Just in case.


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