What’s for Lunch Now?


I’ve mentioned before that I love looking around our office at lunchtime to see what’s on the menu for lunch. Since most of us are busy moms, we like to eat in if there isn’t a lunch meeting to attend. That means there is usually a wide variety of preferences as well as leftovers from dinner the night before. I especially like to see what Denise Smith, our food editor brings in for lunch (because sometimes she shares with me) and what Robyn Burnett, our assistant editor (a self-professed foodie) brings in.
Yesterday while I sat and ate my takeout sushi rolls, they dined on the following:

Denise nibbled (as she does) on a very healthy roasted turkey, cucumber and Jarlsberg cheese sandwich—on a whole wheat bun, of course. I know she doesn’t eat mayonnaise so my guess is that the condiment was some kind of aioli she whipped up while packing her kids’ lunches for camp that day. Note that this is the most basic of lunches for Denise and she was hoping I would include the incredible salad she made the day before but I ate it before we could take a picture. We’ll keep you posted on more of Denise’s creations from whole wheat buns to super salads weekly.

For Robyn, the exotic eater (last time I wrote about her Ethiopian dish), it’s curry chicken salad filled with lots of yummy and nutritional ingredients. Look at the big juicy grapes in this salad—delicious with cooked chicken or turkey. She added diced red onion, diced red pepper, mixed greens, chunks of almond and the sauce was a combo of plain yogurt, a couple of spoons of mayo, a teaspoon of honey and two teaspoons of curry powder. Now that’s a salad for a low-carb diet to get excited about.

What did you have for lunch today? We’re always looking for good ideas, so please share with us. We might publish it in our newsletter.

Robyn's Curried Chicken Salad


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