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Ever notice that in most of your family photos it’s sunny and warm outside—even in Canada? It’s because we like to take pictures when we’re outside having fun in the sun, that’s why. Summertime is photo time; it’s as simple as that.
The guys at Fujifilm (otherwise knows as the Fuji Guys) want to help make sure your outdoor photos are the best ever this year. That’s why they have uploaded a series of videos to YouTube for you to watch and pick up great photo-taking tips. Like most popular photographer types, the Fuji Guys get around. You can also find them on Facebook and Twitter if you want more info on perfecting your summertime smiles.

Of course, the perfect shot needs a good camera. If you’re lucky, you could be the proud winner of one affordable, compact superzoom JZ300 camera or one all-weather, shock-proof XP10 camera.

Fujifilm JZ300The coolest thing about the Fujifilm JZ300 is that it’s slim enough to fit into a pocket, but with it’s razor-sharp Fujinon optics, a 10x optical zoom lens and Fujifilm’s advanced CCD-Shift Image Stabilization, it ensures focused, blur-free images even at full zoom range at a very affordable price.

Fujifilm XP10As far as the Fujifilm XP10 goes, the most important feature (among many very cool ones) is that it’s shockproof, waterproof, freezeproof and mudproof. And if that’s not cool enough, the XP10 also includes Fujifilm’s new Facebook/YouTube Easy Upload feature which allows you to mark photos for online posting right on the camera. Sharing your pics is that easy.

So get snap happy this summer with the Fuji Guys.


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