Do you ever feel you need your own technical translation book by your side when you’re looking to buy a digital camera? Are you someone who stares blankly at the kind-but-clueless salesperson as he starts listing elements about a notebook that sound straight out of a sci-fi film? For the first time, we’re featuring a website as our pick of the week because it’s just so useful! Measy.com is here to help you find the “perfect gadget”. Just take the simple online questionnaire where you state your preferences and usage habits. The site presents you with a list of models that will suit your needs, whether you’re looking for a digital camera, a netbook or a TV (they’ll even link you to the best priced option). There’s no need for a tech-translator, a dictionary or a crumpled piece of paper with a bunch of acronyms and numbers. Measy makes it easy, so no need to be queasy. Free to use, it’s available at Measy.com.


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