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Denise and I went down to the media preview of the One of A Kind Show this morning where we were greeted with fresh coffee, fruit, muffins and all sorts of treats. But the biggest treat of all was the opportunity to walk around, view the beautiful items and meet the vendors while they were opening up their booths. Each artist we spoke to was as beautiful as the work they produce and you understood how they have poured their heart and soul into every piece of art they are selling. One such example is Christina Larson, the owner of Textile Platypus, maker of miniature felt animals. She makes the felt herself and then stitches the lovely little figures together. When we told her how much we liked her work, she replied: “Thank you, I love them very much”. You could tell she really did—and she should. The woodworker who makes the most beautiful chopping boards gave us a 20 minute lesson on how to care for wooden bowls and kitchen blocks. He insisted we wax them after each use. It was difficult to tell him that was not going to happen (when you know how much effort he put into making each piece), so we smiled and nodded but walked away promising ourselves we would care for it as best we could.
What did I buy? Nothing that sentimental, actually. I came home with a picture frame I plan to hang in the front hall with a family photo in it that says: “Remember, as far as anyone knows, we are a perfectly normal family”.

I want to tell you about all of my favourite finds but you’ll have to keep reading your SavvyMom Today newsletters to find out more. Or go to the show yourself. They have daycare and baby changing rooms. There is even a VIP section and, if you’re a SavvyMom reader, you will have access to the Club Membership Lounge next Wednesday, December 2 and also get $2 off your admission. Get your coupon here.

It’s definitely one of a kind, the One of a Kind Show.


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