Best Kids Shoes for Back to School - SavvyMom

Best Kids Shoes for Back to School

These 11 picks are all great options for parents and kids who want the best kids shoes for back to school.

Fashion Inspo from The Summer I Turned Pretty - SavvyMom

Fashion Inspo from The Summer I Turned Pretty

If your tween has fallen hard for everything The Summer I Turned Pretty, here are a few items to round out their wardrobe, décor, and leisure activities.

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More Father’s Day Ideas for Cool Gifts for Dad

Big, small, modern, traditional – this round-up of cool gifts for Dad has got it all.

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Charitable Teacher Gifts for Every Passion

Your child’s teacher definitely deserves something special. If they’ve seen their share of mugs or gift cards, here are some ideas for charitable teacher gifts that give back.

Teachers Reveal Their Ideal Thank You Gifts

We turned to a few teachers we know and love to get the scoop on the thank you gifts they really want—and a few themes emerged. Here’s what they said.

Kite Flying 101 - SavvyMom

Kite Flying 101

Kite flying looks so easy: Just start running and your kite magically lifts up and catches the wind. Not exactly? Here are some tips so flying a kite is actually fun.

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Best Winter Hiking Gear for Families

There’s no bad weather, only bad equipment. Here are our top winter hiking gear essentials to make winter strolls more fun and comfortable plus safer, to boot.

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The Top 6 Kitchen Tools You Should Have in Your Kitchen

Clean out your junk drawer and arm it with essential kitchen tools and gadgets — the first ingredients in the recipe to successful meals.

Best Winter Hats for Kids - SavvyMom

The Best Winter Hats for Kids of All Ages

Did winter sneak up on you this year? Is last year’s toque is missing in action? Here, we round up the cutest and warmest winter hats for kids of all ages.