More Father’s Day Ideas for Cool Gifts for Dad

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Big, small, modern, traditional – this round-up of ideas for cool gifts for Dad has got it all. Pool your pennies with the sibs for a group gift, or bestow a small but thoughtful Father’s Day present that lets them know we’re so appreciative of all they do.

Time Concept Portable BBQ Griller and Smoker

Maybe he’s starting to dabble in smoking his beloved meat – or perhaps he’s so enamoured of BBQing and smoking that he wants to be able to hone his craft wherever he goes – to the cottage, on camping trips or even road trips. We’re certainly on board to surf at the beach and then grill some turf on our very own BBQ.

Available Here

Kozliks Triple Crunch Mustard

This mustard is the absolute bomb and elevates a simple sandwich to gastro heights hitherto not experienced in the kitchen. We’re also big, big fans of the Market Mustard flavour – in fact, any of their products would be perfect combined into a personal gift basket. Tasty. Mouth-watering. And Canadian, to boot.

Available at select stores

Bose Soundlink Bluetooth Speaker

This speaker has it all – great sound, totally portable, and a size that makes it easy to take to the cottage, anywhere in the house, the backyard or on travels. No need to compromise on surround sound and he can say goodbye to docking stations and cords. Bose, we all love you.

Available Here

Cool Gifts for Dad: Roots Classic Hoody - SavvyMom

Roots Classic Kanga Hoody

Better believe he’ll be ready for summer campfires and camping with this classic from Roots. Made of unbelievably durable and cozy fabric, this may be the only hoody he’ll ever need.

Available Here

Taco Rack

Finally, an implement to help him with cooking tacos for a crowd. Not only does this ingenious rack hold the tacos upright to allow them to be filled, but then the whole kit and caboodle can go on the BBQ to get taco shells crispy and melt the cheese. Heaven.

Available Here

Lululemon 5-Year Basic Tee

Oh yes, he’s been converted to the great fit and materials of the Lululemon brand. We can see him wearing this quick dry T-shirt on weekends, to the gym, and maybe even to work. Great lines, colours and our own personal favourite super soft pima cotton.

Available Here

Urban Outfitters Cassette Player and Mixed Tape

He is simply overjoyed that cassette tapes are starting to make a comeback – so much so that the perfect gift would be a device for him to listen all of the recently released cassettes and original mixes he’ll be keen to produce. Why not bundle it with an awesome tape – the Guardians of the Galaxy infamous mix?

Available Here

Cool Gifts for Dad: Yeti Rambler - SavvyMom

Yeti Rambler Pint Glass

Can’t Stop. Won’t Stop. Being awesome, that is. He’ll adore this insulated pint glass in black and steel – perfect for any beverage. Made from dishwasher-safe, kitchen-grade stainless steel, the double-wall vacuum insulation makes sure dad’s cold beverages stay that way.

Available Here

What are you getting the Dad in your life this year? Got any ideas for cool gifts for dad? We’d love to know!


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