Pick-Me-Up Gift and Care Package Ideas

Surprise Pick-Me-Up Gift and Care Package Ideas - SavvyMom

How much fun is receiving an unexpected care package? There’s no need to save surprise gift and care package deliveries for overnight campers. Make it a weekend activity with the kids, sourcing and sending a wee parcel of silly delights to a friend or family member. We’ve got a great roundup of items that fit the bill, because you never know who might need a little lift (lots of us suffer from the winter blues).

Surprise Gift and Care Package Ideas

Gift and Care Package Ideas: Markers - SavvyMom

Magic Markers

Fun, brightly coloured markers make anyone’s day. Even professionals could use a cool highlighter to make their post-it notes pop. And for the even slightly artistic, there is quite the range of brush and paint pens.

Candle Gift Ideas - SavvyMom

Pretty Candle

There’s just something about a beautiful candle in a subtle scent to add ambience. We’re suckers for pretty packaging, so go for the wow factor on the design.

Cute Matchbooks - SavvyMom

Unique Matches

Matchbooks tell a story, don’t they? From pictures to place names, they’re microcosms of a different time or place. Plus, they’re a great pairing with that candle you’ve included.

Retro Candy Care & Gift Ideas - SavvyMom

Retro Candy

Wow, are we ever obsessed with retro candy. It brings back all the feels and is fun for the young ones, too – literally kid in a candy shop vibes.

Pastel Pencil - SavvyMom

Pastel Pencil

Who would have thought the basic pencil could get such a makeover? Suddenly those scribbled to-do lists will seem rather elegant when created with these beauties.

Little Notebooks - SavvyMom

Tiny Notebook

Yes, we know – there’s an app for that. But some of us still like the tactile nature of pen to paper, and a sweet little notebook will keep all those musings in one place.

Macrame Gift and Care Package Idea - SavvyMom

Macramé Charm

A sweet little boho charm in neutrals or brights will put a smile on anyone’s face. It might find its way to a backpack, purse or hanging from a curtain rod, adding a little something something.


Stickers Forever

You can never, ever go wrong with stickers. Pick a favourite vibe, from TV show to passion (gaming, anyone?) and trust us – the options abound.

Enamel Pins - SavvyMom

Intriguing Enamel

A cool enamel pin adds personality to a jean jacket or bag, and could be the start of an amazing collection. Bonus – their small size makes them easy to mail.

Tea Leaves Gift Ideas - SavvyMom

Tea Time

Tea leaves have become as beautiful as a country garden these days and their visual appeal brings as much joy as those soothing sips. Caffeine-free dessert blends might be particularly popular with the younger crowd.

Hanky - SavvyMom

Happy Hanky

Tissues or hankies are one of life’s necessities, especially in cold or allergy season. Why not get giddy with the motif? Yes, we just accessorized with our tissues – and had fun with it, too.


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