20+ Crockpot Side Dishes for a More Simple Holiday Meal

Slow Cooker Side Dishes

How are your holiday meal plans going? Does it stress you out – or do you enjoy it?  I’m a little of both!  Over the past few years, I’ve found that planning a holiday meal can be made much more simply by using all the equipment you have available.  And also by spreading out the time that things are being prepped.

That’s where slow cookers shine – and where this list comes in.  While the turkey roasts in the oven, one of these crockpot side dish recipes can help balance both your menu and how you spend the day in the kitchen.

They’re helpful even if you’re not hosting!  My favourite way to host a big holiday meal is for everyone to pitch in a bring a dish, while the host roasts the turkey.  Bringing a slow cooker side dish to the hosts home makes sure that your plan for preparation doesn’t interfere with whatever else is being cooked.  Just bring your crockpot side dish, already prepared, and plug it in and you’re officially a terrific guest!

Here’s a delicious collection of holiday crockpot side dishes for you to make your holiday meal prep simpler…