Overwhelmed by the Idea of Travel with a Baby? It Gets Easier

Travel with a Baby

Traveling with a baby was important to me. And I was certain I would be the kind of mom who’d just pick up and go. My mom and I flew back to Scotland annually for most of my life. While we were there we’d explore Great Britain. Travel was always a big part of my life and for my husband, too.

Our first trip was great. Really wonderful. Planning it gave me the idea to launch Have Baby Will Travel.

Was it easy? Absolutely not!

Prior to leaving, I fretted and fussed. We packed so, so much. I cried, more than once, from frustration and exhaustion. But the good outweighed the bad by a lot, and every trip got easier and easier.

Another way to look at it is that traveling with a baby is easy but traveling as new parents is hard 🙂

Here are 10 ways that travel with a baby gets easier: