Recipe: Anna’s Taco Soup with Corn Chips

Anna's Taco Soup

One of the perks of my work as a Community Dietitian is working alongside some fabulous home cooks.  Together we create delicious meals for our programs.

The English School Lunch Program is a project that I started several years ago.  We provide a hot, healthy lunch to a group of moms and kids who are New Canadians.  Our lunch program extends their English-as-a-Second-Language learning day, which would otherwise be just a very short morning.  And their children get to experience a wonderful school readiness program.  It’s win-win-win!

Another side benefit for me is working in the kitchen with incredible women; learning and laughing together as we better understand our cultures and our lives.  The very best part of my work week.

I was fortunate to find a great cook and friend when I hired Anna to lead the kitchen.  That girl has skills!  The women coming to learn are thrilled with Anna’s cooking – and so am I – I get to take her great recipes home.  And today, I get to share one with you!

Anna grew up in an Old Colony Mennonite community in Mexico.  She left in her teens and made a new life for herself in Canada.  She writes about her journey on her blog, Mennopolitan.  It’s a fascinating read!

Recently, when we had family visiting, I made Anna’s Taco Soup alongside our Mexican Lasagne.  It was an absolute hit!  And the best part: there was enough left over that Ed and I ate some delicious lunches for the rest of the week.