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“Push,” says the nurse.“Wah,” says the baby.
“Here’s your newborn complete with instruction manual,” says the doctor.

If only.

While there’s no formula to being a successful mom, one Calgary author has made it her prerogative to make the journey a bit easier for us.

A Baby Guide to Calgary: Making the Most of Your Parental Leave, Second Edition (hereafter known as A Baby Guide) launches this weekend and is a what-to-do-where-when-and-how manual for Calgary’s baby boom moms and dads on parental leave.

Recognizing many first time moms go straight from work to the hospital with little time to spare, A Baby Guide details those important first steps such as how to get baby in the system right away so you can start collecting EI, obtain medical services and invest in an RESP.

Sleep-deprived moms will also soon learn that your appetite increases instead of slackening off postpartum. You will want to have food brought to you. Grocery delivery, concierge services and full meal prep companies have been sourced and referenced on your behalf.

Don’t be discouraged by the title if you’re beyond that inaugural first birthday. A Baby Guide to Calgary is a helpful resource for all moms with preschool kids at home too. After all, for many families, parental leave extends beyond the first year (with or without that return to work to qualify for the second mat leave).

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