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Our ears are burning and it’s not girl gossip. Rather, it’s our beloved family plotting a Mother’s Day morning surprise featuring 10 am coffee and toast in bed. After all, sleep and caffeine are the modern-day mommy’s little helpers.
While we wouldn’t trade our homemade kid-generated gifts for anything, we also wouldn’t turn down the chance to get away for a day (or even an hour) under the gifted hands of a licensed massage therapist.

Thankfully, there is nothing wrong with rewarding our own hard work with a trip to the massage clinic. After all, me-time is the true gift for any mother with young children.

One local clinic has found a simple but brilliant solution for busy moms (or moms with busy kids) by offering free onsite childcare with any treatment. Prema Sai Wholistic Living is located on 14th Street SW and has recently expanded to accommodate a prenatal centre and childcare space available Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings.

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