Fats Off


Don’t get a mother started about her post-baby body. We’ve got a name for (and a complaint for) every weathered and worn bit: chicken arms, saddle bags, chin waddles, love handles, mummy tummies, muffin tops, arm pit swag and more… But what if we told you that we’ve got a guaranteed solution to improve these much-loved mommy parts?
Several years ago, Burnaby-based Body Beautiful Canada introduced the Universal Contour Wrap, affectionately known as the UCW, to spas in North America and, since then, it’s been helping to firm and tone mothers’ skin everywhere. The UCW promises to take six inches off, regardless of your size and shape, in just one wrap treatment or it’s free (treatments run about $175). We’re not suggesting that you retire the sneakers, but the average loss is 10 to 14 inches from just one treatment (and we’ve still got the clay between our toes to prove it). This six inch loss is guaranteed to stay off for at least 30 days, or you will be re-wrapped for free. With claims like these, it is no wonder that the UCW is a red carpet secret (just ask Paula and Paris).


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