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On Easter Sunday it’s OK to have chocolate for breakfast. Why fight it? After all, you’re the one that invited that crafty rabbit into your home in the first place. But, there’s more to Easter than confection. Here are some fresh ideas to make it more sweet.
Go Ukranian
You’ve seen those beautifully decorated, ornate Ukrainian Easter eggs on display. They are called Pysanky (pi-sank-ee) and they’re easier to make than you might think—particularly if you let go of museum-worthy art dreams. To make it fun, simply write a name or draw a picture to create treasures your children will want to show off. Give yourself a break and don’t bother blowing out the center of the eggs. Leave them whole and throw them out when they start to smell bad. Just don’t let your kids play catch with them in the meantime.

To get started, visit Kensington Art Supply to pick up the necessary tools including kystkas (the tools used to draw the wax on the eggs), dye, wax and an instruction book. An egg painting kit for beginners costs $45.

Meet (Not So) Little Richard
The Calgary Zoo is a well known family favourite year round. Easter weekend is a particularly good time to visit the zoo though, because of the extras included with the price of admission ($16 for adults, $8 or kids or buy an annual pass—it pays for itself in 3 visits.)

On Good Friday and Saturday, April 7th from 9 – 4 pm, the Calgary Zoo hosts Easter Eggstravaganza. Take in entertainment, a scavenger hunt and egg decorating. Be sure to make time to visit our friend Richard, the 5 month old giraffe.

Now that you’ve accepted the fact that you’re going to indulge on Easter Sunday, at least skip the drugstore chocolate and go for the good stuff. Bernard Callebaut has a sinful chocolate egg stuffed with a variety of Calgary-made Belgian chocolates that the Easter Bunny might agree to tuck into corners and hide under furniture.

Just make sure you’re the first one up to score the best of the box.

For more savvy recipe and craft ideas for Easter, click here.

The team at SavvyMom wishes you and your family a Happy Easter and a relaxing long weekend!

Kensington Art Supply
132 – 10 Street NW
(403) 283-2288

Calgary Zoo, Botanical Garden & Prehistoric Park
1300 Zoo Road NE
(800) 588-9993

Bernard Callebaut
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