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When it comes to doughnuts, bigger really is better, especially when bigger also means more space and an expanded menu at Ottawa’s most unique bakery, SuzyQ Doughnuts. They’ve recently upgraded from their beloved take-out shed to a real storefront on Wellington West with cozy seating—making it the perfect little treat for parents and tots looking for a place to escape the wet spring weather.

All our favourite flavours are still in the shop on a regular basis, like Grasshopper, Blue Vanilla Fruit Loop, and of course, their signature Maple Bacon (really, what could be more Ottawa?). And just like always, the doughnuts themselves are irresistibly perfect: fluffy and not-too-sweet on the inside, with a golden crispy outside.

But now their bigger shop has allowed them in introduce several new flavours, including filled doughnuts. We drooled over their Nanaimo Cream and have big plans for their Dulce And Banana (forget birthday cake—we’re thinking a pile of these would be great at our next party). While the kids are noshing on a regular size doughnut and milk on the side (we have it on authority that Sugar Munkki is the top choice of Ottawa kids), parents might prefer their new super-sized ‘biggies’—we recommend White Chocolate Strawberry Snow or Spicy Pineapple.

SuzyQ is branching out beyond doughnuts these days, too. Their luscious (and huge!) Morning Buns and a freshly brewed cappuccino make for a great breakfast, and on the weekends, bring the whole family for their French Toast brunch, the finest in town.

Looking to impress some out of town guests? You can pre-order a few boxes online for pickup, or even have a special box of goodies delivered inside the Ottawa core for a small fee.

Looking for more neighbourhood spots serving up coffee and treats in a cosy atmosphere? Check out our list of Must-Visit Cafes in Ottawa.



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