10 Toys Your Kids Will Never Get Tired of Playing With (and Won’t Break the Bank)

African American little girl opening a present with her mother at home.
African American little girl opening a present with her mother at home.

No matter how hard we try to stick to a budget these days, it seems like we’re paying more than we expect for things, whether it’s gas, groceries, or other home expenses. Now, with the holiday season approaching (and all the gift-giving and hosting that comes along with it) budgets may be extra challenging. That’s why it’s important to start shopping early—plus, getting ahead will help you avoid delays or supply chain issues as we get closer to holiday crunch time.

With that in mind, we’ve put together a list of 10 toys that kids will never get tired of playing with—and are so affordable they won’t break the bank—all from Hasbro’s “Big Value, Big Fun” toy selection. Recognizing the inflationary pressures on Canadian consumers, Hasbro is making sure to offer a wide range of toys from their most popular brands at affordable prices this holiday season. From iconic staples like Play-Doh to trendy names like Peppa Pig, there’s something for every kiddo on your shopping list—no matter your budget. All under $30, these fun toys will give kids hours of play, and though affordable, they’re certainly not lacking in value or quality. Scroll on to see the 10 toys we’re getting ready to add to cart.

This snack time-themed doll set is sure to be a hit with little ones that love to work through real-life scenarios through imaginative play. Older toddlers, preschoolers, or young children can spend hours pretending to prepare snacks for this doll, using the clever solid reusable doll food and snack box mold, and then feeding it with the little fork and spoon. It also comes with a removable bib. After snack time, kids can “change” the doll’s diaper by popping open the molded plastic diaper flap and emptying it, so it’s ready to begin again.

Baby Alive Lil Snacks Doll | Buy Now

In this sweet toy set designed for preschoolers, children can pretend to have a sleepover with TV besties Peppa Pig and Zoe Zebra. Peppa and Zoe are ready for their sleepover, wearing sleeping gowns and holding stuffed animals. Plus, they each come with sleeping bags, so kids can practice getting them ready for bed and tucking them in. This is sure to be a favourite whether kids are already Peppa Pig fans or not.

Peppa Pig Playsets | Buy Now

Now, here’s one the whole family can enjoy: Monopoly. The classic board game never gets old and is a great gift for children and adults alike—they’ll love fighting for real estate domination on the board. This game can include between two to six players, is suggested for ages eight and up, and includes eight tokens and all the other pieces you remember from your own childhood: title deed cards, chance cards, community chest cards, houses, hotels, and more. Game nights wouldn’t be the same without Monopoly, so be sure to grab a set for one of the families on your gift list–or for yourself.

Monopoly Classic Board Game | Buy Now

Looking for another timeless game to add to your shopping list? Try Battleship, a fun game that gets players thinking, strategizing their next move on the naval combat scene. It is suggested for kids ages seven and up, and it’s certainly enjoyable for adults as well—I can vouch for it. One of the best things about this game is that the two portable battle cases make it easy to pack it up for a game on the go.

Battleship Classic Board Game | Buy Now

This dino-themed Nerf toy will get kids moving as they chase each other around the house in an epic battle. Designed to look like a Stegosaurus, it’ll be a sure favourite for kids that love dinosaurs. It includes a single-fire blaster, a four-dart storage on the front for instant reloads, and an easy-to-use handle and trigger setup.

Nerf DinoSquad Stegosmash Dart Blaster | Buy Now

Here’s another fun option for children—just make sure you stay out of the line of fire! This Nerf blaster puts the ones from our childhoods to shame; it looks like something straight out of a James Bond movie. It features a pretty impressive six-dart rotating drum, tactical rails, and barrel and stock attachment points. To fire one dart, you pull the priming slide back and press the trigger. To slam-fire all six, repeatedly move the slide back and forth while holding down the trigger. Plus, the foam darts can travel up to 90 feet, so their opponent won’t be able to escape.

Nerf Elite 2.0 Commander RD-6 Blaster | Buy Now

Play-Doh is always a good idea and kids can up their game with this creative set. It comes with a green dinosaur figure, a pterodactyl, and three eggs filled with Play-Doh, so you can imagine all sorts of prehistoric adventures. With the clever jaw-chomping feature, you can feed the dino, hear it crunch, gulp, slurp, and burp, and then watch the Play-Doh bits go right through the tummy and out the back, while the pterodactyl can make half-eggs for the nest.

Play-Doh Dino Crew Crunchin’ T-Rex | Buy Now

If you’re looking for another Play-Doh option, try this hair salon set. Kids will laugh pushing Play-Doh through the pumper mechanism to make the figure’s hair grow. It comes with eight cans of Play-Doh, each featuring a combination of three colours so that the hair comes through in all sorts of wacky shades. Then, you can give the customer a trim with the scissors, shave it all off with the razor, or do it up in whatever hairdo you fancy—from crimping to braiding to curling. The styling options are endless.

Play-Doh Crazy Cuts Stylist Hair Salon | Buy Now

These aren’t just any Lightsaber toys—these ones are fully customizable, so every little Star Wars fan can add their own personal flair to their duels. Designed so that kids can create their own Lightsaber, each kit is composed of a blade, cap, cover, and core. The pieces can be mixed and matched so little Jedis can use their imaginations to build their dream Lightsaber.

Star Wars Lightsaber Forge Customizable Lightsaber | Buy Now

Inspired by the upcoming sequel to Marvel’s Black Panther, this assortment of Wakanda Forever action figures will let kids reimagine their favourite scenes—or take it one step further and imagine their own creative story. Each figure has a unique function that can be activated by squeezing its legs, and they all come in their own distinct design.

Marvel Studios’ Black Panther Wakanda Forever 6-Inch Figure Assortment | Buy Now

Have you started your holiday shopping yet? Make sure you check out the great value Hasbro has to offer this season!

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