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Best Summer Books

12 Books We Can’t Wait to Read This Summer


There’s never a bad time to curl up with a book, but summer—with its hammocks, warm breezes, cool drinks and later bedtimes—is the perfect time to lose yourself in a great story. Whether you’re after a mystery/thriller, family drama, historical fiction, modern love story (or all of the above!) our list of 12 Books We Can’t Wait to Read This Summer has something guaranteed to make you press pause on Netflix (at least until Labour Day).


That Kind of Mother by Rumaan Alam

Warm and sharp in its writing, Rumaan Alam’s second novel considers questions of privilege, race, motherhood and friendship as a white mother struggles to raise both her biological child and her adopted black child in a world that may never see them as equals.

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Mine by J.L. Butler

When Francine, a London divorce lawyer, begins an intense affair with a client she has no idea it will lead her down a rabbit hole of lies and deception, including the disappearance of her lover’s wife. And why did Francine wake up that next morning covered in blood, unable to remember anything?

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Fruit of the Drunken Tree by Ingrid Rojas Contreras

In 1990s Columbia, while drug lord Pablo Escobar has the county in a virtual stranglehold, two young girls from vastly different backgrounds develop an unlikely bond. Unfolding against a backdrop of chaos and instability this poignant coming of age story reflects on the choices women make even in the most intolerable of circumstances.

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Little Disasters by Randall Klein

Secrets, lies and loss follow two Manhattan couples from the euphoria of the hospital delivery room to the brink of disaster in this gripping and witty debut novel. Told from the alternating  perspectives of two deeply-fallible men, Little Disasters considers many of the ways the ties that bind us are tested.

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The Favorite Sister by Jessica Knoll

Through the lens of a reality television show called Goal Digger, Jessica Knoll’s second novel (a follow-up to her wildly successful Luckiest Girl Alive) offers a scorching and timely take on female culture, the limits of friendship and the pressure to maintain status and salability in a world only too willing to knock you down.

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The Incendiaries by R.O. Kwon

In The Incendiaries author R.O. Kwon deftly interweaves two subjects voted most unlikely to co-exist: love and domestic terrorism. Through the relationship of Will Kendall and Phoebe Lin, from their initial meeting to a fatal bombing that may involve Phoebe, Kwon invites readers inside the minds of extremists, asking what might happen to someone who’s lost everything that matters most.

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An Unwanted Guest by Shari Lapena

It was a dark and stormy night in the Catskill mountains when a cozy, snow-filled getaway turns deadly as the guests of Mitchell’s Inn start dying. With the weather preventing escape, the survivors have no choice but to wait and hope they make it out alive.

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Number One Chinese Restaurant by Lillian Li

When disaster strikes the community’s most beloved restaurant the staff and owners of the Beijing Duck House have little choice but to re-acquaint themselves with life outside the restaurant’s four walls. What follows is a multi-generational, touching and darkly funny look at family and all its messy complexities.

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Love and Ruin by Paula McLain

The life and loves of Ernest Hemingway are under Paula McLain’s microscope once again in her new novel about the indomitable Martha Gellhorn, one the twentieth century’s greatest war correspondents and Hemingway’s muse. Set against the rich backdrop of pre-World War II Cuba and Madrid, McLain weaves a tale of love and identity and she follow’s Gellhorn’s quest to step outside the shadow of her famous lover and carve her own path.

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The Perfect Mother by Aimee Molloy

A missing child is every parent’s worst nightmare and the women of Brooklyn’s Prospect Park are no different. When one of their own, a three-month old baby belonging to Winnie, a member of the “May Mothers”, disappears from his crib risks are taken, marriages are tested and friendships are forever changed. Soon to be a major motion picture starring Scandal’s Kerry Washington.

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The Optimist’s Guide to Letting Go by Amy E. Reichert

Gina has a relentlessly sunny disposition, one that annoys both her moody teenage daughter, May, and her impossible to please mother, Lorraine. But when Lorraine suffers a stroke a forty-year old  family skeleton comes tumbling out of the closet, testing the limit’s of Gina’s optimism and forcing her to confront the secrets, regrets, losses and loves that make us who we are.

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Clock Dance by Anne Tyler

This beautiful novel of hope, self-discovery and second chances follows Willa Drake as she evolves from a schoolgirl grappling with her mother’s disappearance, to a young widow trying to piece her life back together, to a wannabe grandmother who makes the baffling decision to fly across the country to care for a family she’s never met, proving that happiness is sometimes found in the most unlikely of circumstances.

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