18 Clever Ideas for Filling Your Kid’s Loot Bags


I’€™m not a huge fan of loot bags, but I understand that they are part of the package when you plan and host a birthday party. Having said that, if the contents of the goody bag are simple, practical and useful, I can get over my dislike of them, and even have a little fun putting them together.

Regardless of how I feel about these take home treats, the kids absolutely love them! Here are 18 ideas for loot bag fillers you won’€™t mind handing out at your next party. Some of the ideas are based on a specific them, and others are suitable for almost any type of party you might be planning.

Loot Bag Ideas for Specific Party Themes:

  • Art Party: Canvases, paints, paintbrushes, black beret
  • Baking Party: Chef’€™s hat, cookie cutters, rolling pin, stainless-steel mixing bowl
  • Circus/Carnival Party: Face paint, clown noses, balloons, candy floss
  • Movie Star Party: Movie passes, popcorn bucket full of concession stand candy, inexpensive DVDs.
  • Indoor/Outdoor Pool Party: Beach towels, pool noodles, goggles, water balls
  • LEGO Party: LEGO minifigures, building block candy (can usually be found at the Bulk Barn or craft supply store)

Loot Bag Ideas for Any Party Theme:

  • Iced sugar cookies in the number of the new age of the birthday boy/girl. Package in cellophane and tie with ribbon.
  • Outdoor toys like a ball, magic carpet sled, skipping rope, etc.
  • A favourite book and a homemade (made by birthday boy/girl) bookmark.
  • Personalized name labels
  • T-shirts. These can be purchased from a store or made at home. Bonus points if they match the theme of the party (i.e. Superhero-themed shirts for a superhero party)
  • Notebooks and pens/pencils.
  • A small bag of the birthday child’€™s ‘€œfavourite things’€ like a candy, magazine, small toy, etc.
  • Homemade or store-bought Playdough and cookies cutters.
  • A personalized CD of the birthday child’€™s favourite songs, or the songs that were played at the party.
  • Gift cards in small denominations for treats, books, movies, or music.
  • Sticker, activity, and colouring books.
  • Puzzles.


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