FAQ’s about the SavvyMom Collective

How do you help me generate more traffic and grow my blog?Most members of the SavvyMom Collective are also contributors to our content community, SavvyStories. As outlined in this video, we harness the power of the SavvyMom brand and reach to showcase content submitted but the SavvyStorytellers to the entire SavvyMom audience through regular site, newsletter and social media features, which serves to grow the traffic of the Collective sites. We also encourage members of the community to support each other in traffic and content-sharing. What’€™s different about our content platform is that we only host the title and some teaser copy and we link directly out to your blog. We are attracting readers and sending them to you.

Do you work with smaller niche blogs?
Yes, the main reason we started SavvyStories and the SavvyMom Collective was to support the smaller blogs with the goals of growing their traffic and monetizing their sites alongside the more established SavvyMom brand

What is your average CPM?
Our premium price is a $20 CPM. We sell at this price to our most loyal and returning clients and put any remnant inventory up on a network where they sell on a bidding platform (RTB).

Do you require exclusivity?
We require exclusivity over the display ad inventory so we can provide you and our clients with accurate projections of available ad inventory. You are free to accept sponsored content opportunities elsewhere.

Are your ads geo-targeted?
Some clients wish to geo-target their ad campaigns by city or province’€”for example, we often have Alberta-only campaigns but most are national in reach. Our ad-serving system manages this without any effort on the part of the publisher.

Do you handle Canadian only traffic or do you fill for US as well?
Because of the way the sales process works in Canada, our sales team does focus their attention on the Canadian market so your Canadian inventory is a priority for us. US inventory is sold as remnant on the RTB network so it can be sold, but for a much lower price than the Canadian $20 CPM. As with all remnant inventory, it goes onto a bidding platform so we cannot promise or predetermine what the price will be.

What percent do you as an ad network keep from the earnings?
We split the revenue with our publishers 50/50.

When do you payout? Every 60 days? 90 days? etc.?
In the past we paid out when campaigns were finished but we are implementing a system where we are now paying our publishers monthly.

Is there a minimum payout amount?
Yes. Once accrued earnings reach $25, we issue a cheque.

Are we allowed to sell one-off ads?
Yes. If you are interested in selling your own local ads, we recommend you keep control over one of the ad units on your site and let us manage the rest. Some publishers have three ad units on their site and we manage two of them leaving them with one to run their own house ads or local businesses.

Can we work with other agencies or networks (such as Made in Blog) for sponsored posts? Sell our own posts?
Yes. We require exclusivity over the display ad inventory so we can have accurate projections of available ad inventory but you are free to look for sponsored content opportunities elsewhere

Do you have a required minimum traffic?
Yes, 10,000 pageviews per month as validated by Google Analytics

How many sponsored posts will I get?
When choosing the appropriate publishers/bloggers to receive sponsored post assignments, there are a number of factors that are considered including, but not limited to, the content on the site, the site traffic, geographic reach, demographic reach etc. We work closely with our clients to choose the appropriate blogger team that fits the needs of their campaign. As such it is not possible to determine the exact number of sponsored posts any given member of the Collective will receive.

Does SavvyMom buy traffic?
No ‘€“ the current traffic volumes across the SavvyMom Collective and the SavvyMom site are ample for our client campaign needs and we will be asking for validation of your own traffic numbers from time to time with google screen shots.

How long is my contract with SavvyMom and how much notice do I have to give if I want to leave?
Our contract is for an initial term of 60 days and then is automatically renewed for a one year term unless either party gives 60 days written notice that it wishes to terminate the agreement. So in other words, you can get out anytime with 2 months’€™ notice.

What could I possibly make on a month’s worth of ads?
The amount of money you can make is a function of the amount of traffic your site has. A simple way of estimating the number you could make is to take (number of pageviews x number of ads/page)/1000 and multiply by $10.00 which is your share of the revenue. This is the theoretical maximum you site could generate in a month, assuming a 100% fill rate. Then you can play with the numbers based on what our fill rates are. To date we are targeting a 50% fill rate for premium and 50% for remnant. But to be perfectly honest, nobody in Canada is raising a family on revenue generated from display ads running on niche publishing sites. You can make more by writing sponsored posts which are in high demand with our clients who we connect you with.

How much can I make from a sponsored post?
We sell sponsored posts for $250 and often you get a free product for trial with that.

Do you pay for impressions or clicks?
All of our client campaigns are sold on a Cost per Impression (CPM) basis. We do not accept Cost per Click (CPC) or Cost per Action (CPA) campaigns.


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