5 Must-Have New Planners for the Busy Mom

Best planners for moms

Do you ever write something down in your to-do list after you’ve already done it, just so that you can have the satisfaction of marking that triumphant checkmark? I, for one, love keeping track of my schedule and tasks in a paper planner because there is really nothing like it—as goal-setting queen Lara Casey always says, there is power in handwriting.

Whether you’re an office-working mom, a work-from-home mom, a stay-at-home mom, or a combination of all three, chances are, you’ve got tasks, reminders, schedules, appointments, birthdays, deadlines, meal plans, and assignments coming at you from all directions, and having somewhere to write them all down can help keep you organized. With that in mind, we’ve rounded up our favourite new agendas for the August 2019-July 2020 calendar year, for all the mamas out there who like to plan according to the school year, rather than the classic January-December calendar year.



Indigo Paper

This planner from Indigo Paper has an elegant floral pattern on the cover and an extra-large format, making it the perfect desk companion. Inside, you will find monthly and weekly layouts to help you plan out your schedule. Each week has a two-page spread: on the left, a breakdown of each day gives you space to jot down important dates and appointments, and on the right page, there is a handy space designated for taking notes, jotting down to-do lists and reminders, and setting a weekly goal.

Simplified by Emily Ley

Emily Ley’s beautiful Simplified planners, which come in daily and weekly layouts, are built to inspire the process of simplification. Her philosophy is that keeping things minimalistic will make them more meaningful. The classic Simplified Daily Planner features tips on how to simplify your life and a daily spread for every day of the year, meaning that you can start each new day with a fresh page—and a fresh start. On the left of each page, there is an hour-by-hour schedule where you can plot in your appointments, plan out how you’ll batch your tasks, etc. And on the right is a to-do list where you can write down your tasks for the day—and the accompanying sticker sheet allows you to colour-code each item (chores, household admin, work, and so on). If you’re a visual person, this helps you see the big picture and make sure you’re prioritizing tasks, keeping a work-life balance, and spending time on what is most meaningful to you. And if you’re looking for a budget-conscious alternative to the flagship Simplified products, Emily Ley’s collaboration line with Staples is the perfect fit (however, these editions only come in the weekly/monthly view, and they start in July rather than August).

Kate Spade

This new agenda from Indigo checks all the boxes of what Kate Spade products are known and loved for: the cover print is playful and colourful, the pink tabs are functional and feminine, and the monthly quotes are inspiring and uplifting. It is available in a large and medium-size, so depending on whether you prioritize extra space or ease of portability, you can choose the best option for you. Inside, the monthly spreads feature a “to do” list and a “save the date” section in addition to the regular calendar view, and the weekly pages will keep you organized as you make your appointments and meet your deadlines.

Erin Condren

The Erin Condren brand is unique for the degree of customization available. When ordering the flagship Erin Condren LifePlanner, you will be led through a process of personalization. First, choose your cover pattern (there are 100 to choose from!) and colour, and what name you want embossed on the front. Next, design your interior layout style (select between vertical time-blocked weekly view, the hourly view, or the horizontal view) and the interior colour scheme (colourful or neutral). Next, choose whether you want it to run August-July, July-December, or January-December. And finally, if the wallet allows, make it a bundle by adding accessories such as a “planny pack” (a super convenient strap-on pen pouch), stickers, washi tape, colourful pens, and more.

Pierre Belvedere

Last but definitely not least, this Pierre Belvedere planner from Indigo is for all you minimalists out there. If all the planners above make you feel like a pinata of confetti exploded on your agenda, this sleek no-fuss black cover might be what you’re looking for. The modern, elevated appearance of the exterior is matched with functional back-to-basics interior layouts featuring monthly calendar views followed by simple weekly spreads for you to write in your appointments.

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