7 Fresh Cocktail Ideas to Make this Weekend

7 Fresh Cocktail Ideas - SavvyMom

This summer there are a number of drinks to add to your bar whether you are entertaining or just relaxing at home. These fresh cocktail ideas feature some newer trends as well as some old favourites that have held their own summer after summer:

7 Fresh Cocktail Ideas

Hard Cider:

Hard cider has gained momentum over the past few years in North America perhaps as a result of growing popularity in the U.K. Whatever the reason you will see more offerings than the old familiar standby Crossbow. Hard cider is pleasing to many people as it has the same casual, refreshing feel of sipping a beer, yet offers a sweeter, crisper choice. Cider also offers a complexity of flavour similar to wines as it is a fruit based beverage. You will find a number of hard ciders to sample this summer with many varied levels of flavour. Many boast a more robust flavour with the tartness of apple skin and aromas of vanilla whereas others will be sweeter invoking their taste from the fruit itself. You can sample a few and find one that appeals to your taste buds. You can also check out local wineries in the near outskirts of the GTA to find out who sells their own cider at their shops.


This is not your basic mojito. Mixing it up and moving away from the standard mint concoction, mojitos are being transformed using different flavourings such as citrus, basil, and berries. You just need your mojito base of rum, lime, and simple syrup and then get to work with your muddle and crush whatever comes to mind from chilled melons to soothing cucumber.


Tequila is usually associated with shooters or margaritas however there is a growing trend to sip tequila like aged scotch. Seek out a good quality tequila and try it on ice with lime. If you find it too strong you can always add it to your next batch of margaritas.

Spicy Caesars:

The trend towards classic cocktails is taking retro favourites and giving them more personality. When it comes to a brunch drink, the Spicy Caesar has long ruled and with more kick and “sauce” it will keep you on your toes and wake up your senses.


Sangria has long been a favourite refresher during the summer months. This year it is all about creating new flavours using the basic mixology of the traditional sangria. You can use white wine and berries instead of the heavier citrus and red wine version or prosecco which is lovely with peaches. You can also prepare your favourite sangria mix and then freeze it either in a large baking dish or ice cube tray and then puree it or coarsely chop it and serve it as a drink or refreshing dessert with fresh fruit.

Champagne/Sparkling Wine Cocktails:

The traditional Mimosa is another brunch favourite combining champagne and fresh orange juice. This summer it can be enjoyed any time with your favourite fresh fruit juices. From pomegranate to cranberry and sweeter flavours such as berries or peach, having a bottle of chilled bubbly on hand will allow you to enjoy its festive fizz and flavours whenever the spirit moves you.


Picsos are a type of brandy that are a South American staple and many are discovering the pleasing flavour as well as it’s versatility for use in cocktails. Peruvian piscos tend to be more enjoyable as they are unoaked.


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