8 Easy Winter Recipes for the Family

Jan Scott April 28, 2016
Pumpkin Chili

It’s still January, and while we’re not totally abandoning our resolutions, we’re making sure they are sustainable. So with our healthy eating and budget-watching resolutions in mind, we rounded up Easy Winter Recipes for the Family from the EatSavvy kitchen.

Pumpkin Chili is a classic winter warm up. For apres ski, apres the arena or watching the game, there’s always a reason to eat chili. Adding pumpkin to the recipe gives it a sweet, creamy flavour without taking out the kick.

Winter Citrus Quinoa Salad is the perfect healthy meal to keep you on the resolution track. Filled with all kinds of delicious goodness, you’ll feel good about eating when you scarf down a serving of this salad.

We can’t say enough about soups during the winter months. Meatball Minestrone with some crusty bread and a salad makes for a full meal deal, and our French Onion Soup is an easy peasy (and cheesy) way to look like an internationally acclaimed Chef Antoine.

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